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3 Reasons to Consider a YMCA Membership

Why the YMCA charitable organization is worth the price of admission


Do you have a YMCA membership? Are you familiar with the variety of services this long-standing Canadian charitable organization offers? You’d be surprised to know that YMCA services support over 2 million people every year, the majority of those being children, teens and young adults. In fact, the “Y” is the number one childcare provider in all of Canada.

It’s funny because when people think of gym memberships, Goodlife or Equinox usually come to mind. But the facilities at the YMCA are of equal and sometimes greater quality than that some of the more popular options plus come with additional services not offered by other gyms.Let’s look at 3 reasons why you should consider the Y for your next membership.

1. Affordability - YMCA actually adjusts their pricing to the community it serves. For the purpose of our breakdown, we’ll focus on the Health and Fitness membership categories for a location in downtown Toronto. Individual adult membership is $59. Family memberships - which includes 2 adults and any number of children under 21 (living in the same household) - cost $99.

What’s included in this membership“is access to all amenities and program areas; unlimited group fitness classes;and unlimited access to drop-in sports and rec programs for every individual on the membership.”

The Y also offers financial assistance to 20% of the youth attending these programs, keeping with their aim of enriching and impacting the communities they serve.

2. Variety of services (bang for your buck) - The YMCA has  is on a mission to “improve the health and well being of Canadians in spirit, mind, and body.” The broad scope of services they provide accurately reflects this goal. On top of the gym membership - which includes fitness classes, a pool, personal and group training, and recreational sports - the Y offers seasonal camps, educational training, and employment services.

3. Community first - The thing about the Y is that you’re never alone. Its entire purpose is to make you feel welcome and break down  any barriers to inclusion. Offering financial assistance to those who can’t afford their services, supporting families with child care services, and developing both community and global initiatives are just a few of the ways they create that community atmosphere. At a time where our society has become increasingly isolated, the need for real-life interaction can’t be overstated.

When assessing the number of benefits, a YMCA membership is totally worth the price of admission. In fact, when you consider the value in comparison to what they offer, their membership is one of the rare instances where the value you receive exceeds the cost. That’s one of the ways Butter can help. We’ll make sure you know exactly what you’re paying and when you’re paying for all your subscriptions. Sign up is free so give us a try.

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