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7 Subscription Services You Didn’t Know Existed

Subscriptions services that make your life easier but you probably never heard about

Nowadays, it seems like everything’s wrapped in some kind of subscription service. TV, of course, is the big one that comes to mind, but now you can subscribe to food delivery services, book reading services, and music streaming providers.

All of those are fairly standard, but there are more obscure subscription services out there that are actually more useful in your everyday life. Some of them will definitely surprise you.

  1. Air and Water Filters - Yes, filters. Sounds odd, but changing your air filter is a necessity most of us forget about. And we know how important but annoying it is to change the water filter. Subscribing to a service like Filter Easy, Air Filters Delivered, or Brita can make sure you’re always breathing and drinking the cleanest air and water possible.
  2. Candy Club - We know what you’re thinking; this can’t be real. Well, it is. Candy Club is a subscription candy service that delivers candy to your home. We’ll stop right here while you make your first order.
  3. Carnivore Club - Sticking to food, Carnivore Club is a meat subscription service that sources its selections from meat artisans across the world.
  4. Sponges - Probably the dirtiest thing in your house you never think of. Sponges do a lot of cleaning and need to be changed regularly. A subscription service like Sponge Club will send you four sponges a month for less than $5.00.
  5. Introvert’s Retreat - This is interesting. When you subscribe to this platform, they send you monthly self-care products at a decent price.
  6. Shaving Razors - Because no one should ever have to shave with a dull razor. Check out Dollar Shave Club for a good subscription option.
  7. Winc - Wine subscription service. Enough said.

Any and all of these subscriptions can be added to your Butter account, making it easy to keep track. So as you’re getting wine delivered with some artisan level meat, you can relax and enjoy the moment.

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