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Cancel Your Prime Subscription - So Says the Media

Why are so many media outlets calling for people to cancel their Prime submission?

Black Friday is over and now our collective attention has turned to the Christmas holidays. While the long lineups and pushy shoppers await, many of us will go online to get as much of our gift buying done as possible. And when you think of online shopping, Amazon is typically the name that comes to mind.  

But there’s an interesting trend happening right now. Several media outlets are calling for shoppers to either boycott the online retail giant or cancel their prime subscription. Look at this piece by Gizmodo who claims, “I’m actually starting to think that Amazon is a bad company.” Harsh words from a tech publication, but there’s more.

Ringer calls Amazon a “many armed beast.” The article also claims that customers are “uncomfortable,” with some of the tactics and hoopla that Amazon has recently been involved in. The way they allowed themselves to be wooed in their HQ2 decision coupled with labour complaints, the call to cancel your prime subscriptions is growing increasingly louder.

You have options

If Amazon’s recent record of alleged poor treatment of workers has turned you off from the online retailer, don’t fret. We know Amazon isn’t going anywhere. It would take a snowball effect the size of Montana to put a dent in Amazon’s armour. But you do have options. Good ones. Whether you choose to shop online or off, you should consider these options more heavily this Christmas.

  • Shop local - If you happen to live in a metropolis like Toronto, then this really shouldn’t be an issue. Local shops offer a high-quality variety of products. Step outside before you jump online.  
  • Buy straight from the source - You do realize that it’s possible to get all the products you get from Amazon directly from the source. Visit the company’s actual website and shop from there. The benefit is that you’ll see their full list of offerings that may not be available on Amazon.
  • Other places offer free shipping - If you visit a site like MoneyCrashers, you’ll see that Amazon isn’t the only site that offers free shipping. MoneyCrashers compiles a list of all the other sites that offer free shipping. If that’s what’s keeping you on Prime, then give it a try.

This isn’t meant to be a scathing criticism of Amazon. They’ve become one of the most well-known companies in the world and have done a lot for consumers. If you’re happy with Prime, keep it But if you’re taking notes from some of the media and other public voices, then know that you’re not married to the idea of Amazon.

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