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The True Cost of Your Goodlife Membership

Breaking down the cost and value of your Goodlife gym membership


It’s safe to say that people today are taking their health into their own hands. Between Fitbit and eating whatever organic food we can afford, we’re all doing whatever we can to lead healthier lives.That includes hitting the gym as often as possible, and for Canadians, Goodlife Fitness is pretty much synonymous with working out.

They’ve taken a lot of criticism for the way they go about providing services. Much of that comes with being the leading gym membership destination in the country. But is there any truth to the story that Goodlife Fitness prices are out of line with the value it provides? Let’s take a look.

Cost of a Goodlife Membership

To get you in the door, Goodlife has a couple of options. First, there’s a 14 day trial for $14. That’s two weeks for a dollar a day. The other option is a three-day trial free of charge to get you comfortable with all their offerings.

OK, now for the real charges. These prices are fairly standard across Goodlife locations, but there are definitely some variances. For our purposes, we chose a location in downtown Toronto.

There are two primary membership options. The first is a bi-weekly payment of $34.99 that must be accessed with a one-year commitment. That works out to roughly $70/month before taxes. By the end of one year, you’ll have paid $909.74 for your membership.

 The second option involves no year-long contract commitment. The cost is $29.99 bi-weekly, but since there’s no commitment, you’re required to pay an upfront enrollment fee of $179.99. By the end of one year, you’d have paid $779.74 in membership payments (before taxes).But add the enrollment fee and you’re paying $959.73, which is more than the first option.

Both Goodlife Fitness prices include “Towels, Hot Yoga, Tanning, Hydro Massage, Squash,” along with a variety of group training courses. Personal training courses are an additional cost.  

Convenience of a Goodlife Membership

Let’s be honest. As preoccupied as we are with our health, we’re all a bit lazy. So if it’s between the Goodlife down the street and another gym a few kilometers away, guess which we’ll choose? And that’s really where Goodlife wins. With over 400 gyms across Canada, you can all but guarantee you’ll be in shouting distance of one of its locations,regardless if you live in the suburbs or a more urban area. And if you live inside a city’s core, you’ll have access to multiple locations in even closer proximity. Plus many of the Goodlife locations are open 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

 You ultimately need to decide if paying approximately $1,000/year is worth you getting into shape. When you consider what we know about the importance of exercise, it actually sounds like a bargain. If you’re able to prioritize your spending, then making room for a Goodlife membership is at least worth considering. If you’re signed up with Butter, you’d already know exactly how much you’re paying and when those membership payments are being debited from your account. Being privy to that kind of info would certainly help you better prioritize which memberships are worth your dollars.

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