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Top 3 VPN Subscription Services

Downloading a virtual private network, or a VPN, isn’t just for techy people trying to disguise their location. It’s a safe way to browse the internet and to get past geographic blocks that limit what you’re able to access online. For example, if a US website does not allow you to access certain pages on their site because you are not physically in the USA, a VPN would be able to get you in. That means no more being stuck on Canadian Netflix! A good VPN will give you the full stream of available content plus many more advantages. 

What is a VPN?

A VPN, or Virtual Private Network, basically lets you change your IP address to a different location. There are a few benefits to this: 

  • Privacy — this is the biggest buzz word on the internet. So many people want to ensure their privacy while browsing and that’s a benefit a VPN can provide. It allows you to mask your location so sites can’t tell where you’re actually browsing from. 
  • Getting into blocked websites — Living in Canada and means we get blocked out of content from some sites. ESPN and National Geographic are two examples of where we don’t get access to all of their content, but even Netflix is limited if you’re a Canadian consumer. A good VPN helps you maneuver around this problem. 
  • Could potentially save you money — With the increased access to content providers like Hulu+ and YouTube TV, it’s possible to find a combination of streaming platforms that makes cutting your cable a real possibility. Read more about the growing trend of cord-cutting.

Best VPN services 

OK, let’s get into it. Here are what most experts would agree are the top VPN services. 

1. Express VPN

Cost: US$6.67/month (12-month agreement) 

Express VPN had definitely been the most popular VPN service. When it comes to speed, the number of servers (3,000+) and the number of IP addresses (30,000), this should be your number one choice for VPN subscriptions. Express VPN also offers 24-hour, 7 day a week customer service. Pair that with a thirty-day money-back guarantee, and you have the makings of a top-level offering. 

Learn more about Express VPN

2. NordVPN 

Cost: US$6.99/month (12-month agreement) 

Yes, we’re still ranking NordVPN this high despite recent news that they were hacked back in 2018. Until more details are known, NordVPN is still a close second to ExpressVPN. Download speeds have improved, they have 2048-bit SSL encryption, and you have access to over 5,600 servers. The UX can still use a little work, but as far as the quality of service, it’s a no-brainer. 

Learn more about NordVPN

3. IPVanish 

Cost: US$4.87/month (12-month agreement) 

With unlimited P2P traffic and over 40,000 shared IPs, IPVanish is a contender for the top VPN service out there. Their app is one of their strongest features although this also means the learning curve is a bit steeper. 24/7 customer service is a big help, so if you’re willing to take a bit more time, you really should consider IPVanish.

Learn more about IPVanish  

Here are a few other top VPN services worth checking out

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Manage your VPN subscription

Whichever platform you choose, you’ll need to find a way to manage it. That’s where Butter comes in. We help you find, track and manage all of your subscriptions in one place. You’ll stay up to date on when each of your subscription payments are due which should help with your budget by cancelling unwanted subscriptions. 

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Don't let unwanted subscriptions creep up on you.

Keep track of all your subscriptions in one place with the Butter app.
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Don't let unwanted subscriptions creep up on you.

Keep track of all your subscriptions in one place with the Butter app.
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Don't let unwanted subscriptions creep up on you.

Keep track of all your subscriptions in one place with the Butter app.