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Top 7 Magazine Subscriptions in Canada

Top 7 magazine subscriptions in Canada

Looking at the most popular magazines in Canada.


If magazines are dying, no one told Canada. A 2019 study[1] showed that “80% of Canadian adults have read a magazine in the last month.” Even more impressive, of that 80%, over 60% read print magazines exclusively. That’s pretty good for a generation that apparently doesn’t read.


Top Canadian magazine subscriptions


Magazines are still a billion-dollar industry in Canada, and there are some that have solidified their brand across the nation. Here are some of the top magazine subscriptions you should know about.


1.   Canadian Living   

This magazine couldn’t be more Canadian. They’ve found a way into the homes of Canadians, spurred mostly by its appeal to Canadian women. In fact, in a recent survey of 17,000 Canadian shoppers, women named Canadian Living magazine as the most trusted magazine brand.


Subscription cost: $24.95/year


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2.   Maclean’s

If you’ve never read it, you’ve at least heard of it. Maclean’s is Canada’s go-to magazine for news and politics. Plus, they have their now-famous yearly ranking of the best Canadian universities.


Subscription cost: $24.95/year


Learn more about Maclean’s Magazine


3.   Style at Home

This magazine is exactly what the name says. It discusses topics of interior design, decorating and entertaining inside your home. It’s more for the creative, inventive Canadian who is looking for Pinterest style ideas and inspiration for their home. 


Subscription cost: $23.95/year


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4.   Zoomer

Zoomer has made a commitment to readers 45 and over. They cover all the important topics of health, money, travel and culture, but do so through the lens of an older generation that often doesn’t get the attention they’ve earned.


Subscription cost: $19.95/year or $24.95/year with CARP membership


Learn more about Zoomer Magazine


5.   Readers Digest

Another name that’s ingrained in the Canadian psyche. Readers Digest offers long-form journalism and in-depth stories that in many ways goes against what’s meant to be popular today. They also throw in some funny quotes and jokes so it’s not all serious. Of course, the Canadian edition is part of the larger group of Readers Digest magazines, which is based in the US and has a long history of readership.


Subscription cost: $30.97 for 30 issues


Learn more about Readers Digest Magazine


6.   Chatelaine Magazine

Chatelaine has been speaking to Canadian women since 1928. The magazine’s primary focus is food and lifestyle, but there are broad enough topics to keep every woman turning the pages.


Subscription cost: $15 for 6 issues


Learn more about Chatelaine Magazine


7.   Canadian House and Home

Similar to Style and Home, Canadian House and Home focuses on design and decorating. They give tips on the best strategies for taking on any room in your home and have a strong reputation amongst Canadian women.


Subscription cost: $23.95/year


Learn more about Canadian House and Home Magazine


If there’s one common thread with all of these subscriptions, it’s that they’re really affordable. You’re getting top quality content at a bargain price. If you haven’t read one of these magazines, the low cost should push you to give one a try.


Butter can help. Our Discover feature lets you browse subscriptions by category. From beauty and self-care to business and entertainment, we help you find the next subscription that makes your life easier.


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[1] “Vividata’s 2019 winter study: voice-activated speaker ownership to nearly double, streaming services are changing how Canadians consume media,” Vividata, January 23, 2019.

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Don't let unwanted subscriptions creep up on you.

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Don't let unwanted subscriptions creep up on you.

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