Small Businesses Need an Edge – TELUS Is Giving it to Them

We’re in the era where everyone’s thinking startup. Small businesses make up 98% of the approximately 1.2 million businesses across Canada. Not only does that show how important small business is to our economy, but it also shows the density of competition in trying to attract consumer attention. Add about 6,000 more active startups in the top five Canadian cities alone, and you begin to see why getting any kind of measurable advantage is essential for SMBs.

Understanding Costs

One of the most difficult parts of running a business for new entrepreneurs (and some not so new ones) is finding an effective way to keep track of costs. They either neglect or don’t give enough attention to the systems and software needed to accurately gauge how much money is coming and going.

Butter wants to do its part to change this by introducing a new feature. In addition to managing your every day subscriptions and memberships, we’ll now be helping small businesses manage their recurring costs. So if you use software like Freshbooks or Quickbooks, Jira, or Zeplin, you’ll now be able keep track of all those payments using Butter.

TELUS Offers Discount to Small Businesses

TELUS knows that every dollar counts. They are aligned with Butter’s vision to help small businesses better manage their cash-flow and are offering a special deal, exclusive for Butter customers. Now any small business is eligible for 10% off select 2-year plans and up to $600 off latest smartphones  with TELUS Business.

It’s super simple. All you need to do is sign up for Butter, add one of your business software subscriptions, and you will be able redeem this offer. Check out our offers page for the full details.