See a Doctor…from Your Phone!


Today, we are launching an exclusive partner offer with Maple, an easy-to-use, on-demand platform that allows Canadians to access doctors 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from smartphones, tablets and computers. Maple is revolutionizing the healthcare space by connecting people to doctors in minutes, so for all you busy people, check it out!

What Exactly Does Maple Do?

Maple offers a service called telemedicine, a way of providing medical healthcare through telecommunications and technology. This means that anyone with internet access can speak to a doctor from anywhere, anytime.

So, How Does Maple Work Exactly?

Screenshots of the flow through iOS

Screenshots of the flow through iOS

  1. Create a free account through their website or mobile app

  2. Fill in a quick form about your symptoms and requirements

  3. Get connected to a doctor in minutes straight from the Maple platform. You can get diagnosed, and even sick notes and prescriptions!

Why Do I Need This?

Recall the last time that you had to visit the doctor’s office. Taking time off work, commuting, parking and then sitting in a cramped waiting room surrounded by other sick patients listening to the latest hits from the 80s — it’s a time-consuming experience that most would rather avoid if possible.

Maple helps you avoid all this. From the comfort of home or the office or at a hotel on vacation, it’s super easy to instantly connect with a physician within minutes. No hassle, no bs.

Maple is available to Canadian residents in all provinces except Saskatchewan and Quebec (coming soon!). Once you sign up, you can access Maple from anywhere in the world.

Who Is Behind Maple? Is it Safe and Secure?

Maple was started by a group of Ontario-based doctors, including Dr. Brett Belchetz, a practicing ER physician in Toronto and company CEO. The MaRS Investment Accelerator Fund, financed by the province of Ontario, is also a strategic investor in Maple.

Today, a large network of experienced family and ER doctors practice on Maple. Check them out here! And rest assured that all patient data is kept private, confidential and secure. If you want more information, here is their Privacy Policy. If you need any more validation and convincing, know that they have partnered with Sun Life Insurance and League to offer coast-to-coast virtual healthcare to Canadians!

That’s Really Cool. But It must be Insanely Expensive, Right?

Registration is free. The service itself is fee-based and Maple offers reasonable pricing packages for those who want to pay-as-you-go or subscribe annually for unlimited visits. For a limited-time only, Butter is hooking you up with exclusive offers on Maple:


  • Weekdays 8a.m. to midnight EST — $49/visit (WITH BUTTER — $15 off your first visit)

  • Weekends & Holidays 8a.m. to midnight EST — $79/visit (WITH BUTTER — $15 off your first visit)

  • Overnight midnight to 7:59a.m. EST — $99/visit (WITH BUTTER — $15 off your first visit)

Unlimited visit subscription

  • Personal membership — $359/12 months (WITH BUTTER — $359/14 months)

  • Family membership — $579/12 months (WITH BUTTER — $519/12 months)

What Are You Waiting For?

Access these amazing exclusive offers by navigating to the Butter offers portal! And start taking control of your health with Maple :)