Netflix in May — It’s a BIG Month

Canadians — we had our fair share of winter, second winter, fake spring, third winter, and half summer. It’s our turn. We’re almost there. Spring is finally here (maybe?) and this time it may be here to stay!

As bears start waking and crawling out of hibernation, it seems like our friends at Netflix have not been resting at all throughout this long and arduous winter. They keep pushing out more and more shows, and the quality keeps getting better! Let’s see what’s in store this coming month for all you Netflixers.

Netflix in April — Easter Eggs & Red Pandas

This winter has been particularly cold so, in February, I was eager to watch the news about Groundhog Day to see if my misery would end soon. To my disappointment, even our furry friends were in disagreement.

Shubenacadie Sam of Nova Scotia waddled around, signalling an early end to winter, but both Wiarton Willie of Ontario and Punxsutawney Phil of Pennsylvania saw their shadows, which meant more winter! Which is it? As the last weeks of winter waned and spring begins, I am still cold, confused, and…cold. Did I say cold? Good thing I have Netflix.