This Is Why the Future of TV Is More TV

When Netflix adds close to a million new subscribers to its platform in the same quarter that nearly a million households cut their cable, it’s easy to assume that television has seen its last days. But digging deeper into this generation’s consumption habits, the confusion of multiple platforms, and the myth of a better experience for consumers, you’ll see that streaming services haven’t quite figured out how to take down TV.

Disney ‘Play’ Is Ready to Take on Netflix — Here’s Why

What’s the point of entering the TV subscription game right now? Are you able to produce supreme, game changing content like HBO? You’ll need to create a lineup that can outdo shows like Game of Thrones, Ballers, and Insecure to stand a chance. Or maybe you’re like Amazon and believe that relying on the immense ecosystems that you’ve built is enough to leave a dent. That’s a fair assumption, and with 26 million subscribers, they’re doing pretty good.